The second week on the Tour was in Bogotá, Colombia.

We had a second consecutive early/late tee time wave. One of the hardest things about a wave like this is if you happen to not play very well in the morning you are waiting around 24 hours to think about it before you play the second round. To add to it generally in this circumstance it can be very hard to play the weekend because most likely you will need a low round just to make the cut.

Making cuts aren’t as easy as they look in golf. 65 and ties play the weekend on this tour and generally there is such a fine line between a shot or two that sends you home or keeps you playing. Golf is no doubt a very fickle game and that’s what makes it such a demanding and challenging game. Trust me when I say Tiger Woods made golf look stupid easy when at his peak. He went 142 events across 7 years without missing a cut against the best players in the world across demanding golf courses. It to this day still boggles my mind.

Ryan got off too a slow start. Starting on the front 9 of this course can be a bit intimidating because the first two holes are narrow tree lined holes. The first hole being not as tight but has out of bounds close to the left side of the fairway.


The second hole is a converted par 5 that they make a par 4 in this event. This might be one of the toughest holes on tour because it’s extremely narrow with two bunkers surrounding the landing area. It’s also very possible to be in the right side of the fairway and be semi blocked by trees hitting a shot of over 200 yards that has to shaped left to right.


Just missing the fairway left on the first hole resulted in making a nice 6-7 foot par putt. The second hole was similar except we couldn’t convert a 6-7 foot par putt from the right green side bunker. All things considered, if there is a spot on this course to make bogey it’s the 2nd hole.

Pars on the next two holes had us standing on a longer par 3 tee box. His tee shot found the right green side bunker where he hit a great bunker from an awful lie to about 4 ft above the hole. 4 foot putts are routinely easy unless you’re above the hole playing up to two inches of break. The first putt missed on the high side. The second putt missed on the low side. The third putt went in. A double bogey 5 dropped Ryan to +3 through 5 holes. I can say somewhat humorously that was not an ideal start. Holes 6-9 all yielded decent birdie putt opportunities. A two putt birdie from 90 feet on the reachable par 5 8th hole followed by a second three putt bogey on the 9th kept Ryan at +3 making the turn to the back 9.

The back 9 has a bunch of score able holes including two par 5’s, both reach able with well hit tee shots. Ryan’s back 9 was not far off the front 9 in that it included another short missed par putt and a long three putt bogey. The result came to an opening round 76.

At +5 for the event it was obvious that in order to play the weekend the second round had to be a minimum 66 or better.