We started the third round on the 10th hole roughly an hour after shooting 65. It was definitely a feeling of relief to have 36 holes left to make another move up the leaderboard. One of the advantages over half the field was we just came off the course so we knew exactly how it was playing. Guys who finished their second round early Friday had a lot of time away from the course. With the rain that came in the course was constantly changing from firm and fast to soft and slow and to me we had a slight advantage.

Last year this event was shortened to 54 holes due to the same weather patterns. We knew that it was definitely a possibility that something similar could happen this year so making a move was crucial if need be.

We ended up playing until dark and got in about 13 holes of the third round. It was a sluggish round that consisted of two bogies against one birdie. It was literally a round where it felt like nothing was going to go in the hole. It was a constant struggle to get any momentum going because in my opinion the course was constantly changing.

Typically this course play pretty firm. With the rain it made all the greens much more receptive to golf shots than accustomed to. Lots of these greens have good old school back to front slope to them which puts a premium on distance control and spin. To me it becomes a bit of a guess on how the ball will react. Ryan is exceptional with distance control and hits tons of quality shots. Unfortunately it felt the opposite of round 2 in that what felt easy was extremely hard.

We played roughly 31 holes Saturday and would have to come out Sunday at 7AM to finish round 3 and hopefully all of round 4. On a player and caddy, 54 holes in two days can be very taxing. The bag I carry can weight up to 45-50 pounds at its heaviest.

Sunday morning came much too quick. It’s tough to get up at 4:45 AM when your body is just beat. We woke up to a nice amount of rain and my first thought was this could only be 54 holes.

As wrong as I was we went of at 7:15 AM to some pretty nice weather. Our final 5 holes consisted of 4 pars and 1 birdie to shoot a third round 71. It wasn’t the round I anticipated after 65, but I guess that’s how golf goes sometimes.

The fourth and final round started shortly after with no player repairing. There was no time to repair based on score because we didn’t have time or Mother Nature on our side potentially to complete round 4. Any type of delay could run is out of daylight. This tour does not do Monday finishes unless half the field completes the fourth round or a winner has to be determined.

The fourth round went similar to the first and third. Ryan definitely played well enough to post a solid score but the reality is nothing ever got going. It’s all about putting I feel. You can drive it great and hit it great but if the putts don’t fall it’s just a long day. We had plenty of opportunities not go in and even had back to back lip outs. Tough to see a ball hit a ton of the hole and not go in. At that point it’s seems like it’s just not your day for whatever reason.

Round 4 consisted of 2 birdies offset by 4 bogies which came to a closing round 73. It was such a long last two days that it felt good to finally get off the course especially with how it went. The week was full of mixed emotions. The end result was far from what we wanted but just playing the weekend is no easy task. You can’t win if you don’t play the weekend and every dollar counts towards the end result of the Top 25. Although Ryan finished near the bottom of the people on the weekend there are still more positives than negatives in my opinion.

Stats for the Pacific Rubiales Colombia Championship presented by Claro.

Fairways – 43/56 (76.7%)
GIR – 57/72 (79%)
Putts – 132 (33/Rd)
1 Putts – 16
3 Putts – 4
Scrambling – 6/15 (40%)
Sand Saves – 2/8 (25%)
Bounce Back % -1/12 (8.33%)

12 Birdies
48 Pars
11 Bogeys
1 Double Bogey

Prize Money (T69) – $1,896

Week 3 of the Web.com Tour takes us back to Cartagena, Colombia (Pictures Below) after three weeks off. The course looks great and so do the views. As always I can’t wait to get back on the course and watch Ryan chase his PGA Tour Card.