This TPC golf course here in Cartagena, Colombia is a Jack Nicklaus Design.  I think it’s a solid golf course that will definitely test the players. The greens here have lots of little subtle mounds and knobs which make the green contours very complex.  Throw in some well positioned bunkers around landing areas off the tee and fall offs around greens and is a strong test.   

  • The course itself can be very playable under benign conditions but this week that could be very different based on the wind conditions. The practice rounds had a combination of a little wind in the morning and also a constant 25-30 MPH with gusts up to 40+ in the late morning and afternoon. This is the week forecast. 

  • It’s hard to anticipate what the scores will be but my opinion says they will be on the higher side due to potential high winds. These guys are extremely good, but in strong winds I feel it’s a bit of an educated guess as to what the golf ball will do in the air and on the greens. 

We have a late/early tee time pairing which I think is always very good.  The afternoon tee time will be very testing if the conditions maintain as they have been.  The morning tee time is more manageable when the winds are low for the first 9 holes or so. 
It’s a week of patience and acceptance of what happens with the golf ball after it’s in the air. I think the golfer who does that best gives himself the best chance to do well. As always I am excited to get on the course and see what we happens. 
Stay Tuned…