After an opening round Thursday of (+2) I figured we would need a round of (-4) or better to see some weekend action.  So starting Friday Ryan came out and was (-2) through 7 which put him at (even) for the event with plenty of holes left. A good drive on 8 set up a 195 yard shot to a back left pin. The wind was hurting but the green is surrounded by trees so it was either 5 or 4 iron. First thought was 4 iron cause his 5 felt maxed out yardage wise.  

To me I didn’t think the wind would really hit. I asked him what he thought about 5 iron and he felt it would get halfway (relatively speaking).  So he kind of trapped the 4 and came of with some draw spin left of the flag and missed the green. We both thought it couldn’t be too bad. But, when we got up there it was 15-20 yards over in F*** city. Heavy rough with not much green sloping away slightly. So with only one option he hit a high flop shot to 4-5 feet. I was so relieved we were going to get away with par after that approach shot.

Then golf happened. The first putt missed right, hit some hole and went by some 5-6 feet. Then the next one missed the hole also leaving him the same first putt he originally had. At this point I’m trying to pick my jaw up off the green because the third putt has got to feel like there is no hole in front of you. He made the putt for double bogey 6. What took just under two hours to build up was thrown away in about 90 seconds. 

It was a huge momentum killer in a solid round when it was needed but what can ya do. We still had 11 holes to make up the ground. This course is score able when playing from the fairway because it’s not overly long and most greens are small.  So I knew we would have some looks. 

We got to the par 3 – 16th that was playing 145 yards to a front pin over water with the wind blowing strong straight in.  We were still at (+2) for the event. Brock hit first and hit it in the water short. Brent hit second and almost airmailed the green long right.  So Ryan stepped up and hit a nice 7 iron “Wichita” shot under the wind to about 10 feet above the hole.  The green is slick front to back so his putt would have some pace. It was relatively flat and he knocked it right in the center to keep us with a small chance. 

We would need the last two birdies to get a chance at the weekend. We stepped up on 17 with 3 wood in hand because it was blowing solid downwind and driver was too much. Before hitting the dangerous weather horn blows.  It means players must evacuate the course and discontinue play and practicing other guys may be doing.  After a little over an hour we got back out to play the last two holes. By now the course got a good amount of water and was 0 wind.  To me that’s the worst situation for us. No wind and soft conditions is a green light for professional golfers.

We ended up hitting driver in the right rough and advanced it some 30-40 yards short of the green. Ryan hit a great shot to about 3 feet and made par. With the cut currently at (-1) we absolutely needed birdie on the last for about a 2% chance of playing the weekend. Ryan beat it right down the center of the fairway into the front of a divot 👍👍👍.  To me it’s a shit rule in golf but what can ya do. He hit a great 9 iron to about 15 feet above the hole right. As we started to approach the green they blew the dangerous weather horn again. Looking at the radar this was going to be a long delay.  It’s tough to know we were 15 min from finishing and ended up waiting some 3+ hours to hit the last putt. 

5:45 local time would be the second restart. We were scheduled to finish at around 1:30-1:45.  We went back to the host family house and killed time. When we heard the restart Ryan went and practiced putting left to right putts. He didn’t put his golf shoes on and forgot his hat. When they restarted we realized the putt was actually right to left.  I was very anxious to see if this putt went in after all the time and such. 

It curled in the right side for a great birdie.  It got Ryan to level par for the event one off the cut line at the time.  With the delay the wind went from 15 MPH to 0 and the course was super soft. I believe to an extent if we had no delays and rain we could have snuck in at level par.  It was blowing hard and this course it hard with the wind and rough. But since it didn’t the cut finished at (-2). 

Tough to miss two cuts at a course that suits Ryan’s game so well. But golf is a strange game and it doesn’t take much to be off.  It’s easy to look back and think the 8th hole broke the camels back but it’s a collection of 36 holes and we definitely could find a few other shots. 

So the tour has a week off then heads to Crestview Country Club in beautiful Wichita, Kansas.  Ryan is member at this course and plays it all the time.  So many would think advantage Ryan but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The last two years we have a high finish of Missed Cut.  It’s definitely tough to miss cuts on your home golf course but it’s a different feel then a normal tour event.  This year I feel will be different as Ryan is having his best season to date.  So we will stay tuned!

Stats for the event:

Fairways : 18/28 (64.28%)

GIR : 28/36 (72.22%)

Putts : 64 (32/Rd)

1- 10/36 (27.77%)

3- 2/36 (.05%)

Bounce Back % – 0/6 (0%)

Sand Save % – 1/2 (50%)

Up/Down % – 3/8 (37.5%)

Birdies – 7

Pars – 23

Bogies – 5

Bogies (+) – 1

Prize Money – $0