A few weeks ago in Raleigh Ryan played very well.  He was the most accurate driver of the golf ball that week and was T6 in GIR for the week. I believe we lost by 7 shots at the end of the week.  Seems like a lot but a shot here or there and maybe a momentum swing and at some point and those shots can definitely be found. But, at the end of the day they weren’t found yet none the less it was a solid week in my opinion.  Sunday was up and down but ended nicely on 18 when Ryan made birdie after hitting driver-wedge to about 7 feet.  It moved him up about 10 spots to T26 which always helps at the end of the day. 

Stats for Raleigh: 

Fairways : 49/56 (87.5%)

GIR : 62/72 (86.1%)

Putts : 122 (30.5/rd)

1 Putt – 23/72 (31.9%)

3 Putt – 2/72 (2.7%)

Sand Saves : 1/2

Bounce Back % – 1/6 (16.6%)

Up and Down – 6/9 (66.7%)

Par – 50

Birdie – 16

Bogey – 6

Front 9 Scoring – 33.5

Back 9 Scoring – 35


Prize Money – T26 – $4833.81

Greater Dallas Open.

I did not caddy for Ryan in this event because of scheduling.  The event was a newly added event just a few months ago by the PGA Tour. We lost an event early in the season so getting an additional one is very gracious of them to find. With the unfortunate weather that came through Texas two weeks prior, the course was flooded very bad. I don’t know many details but I’m sure the tour did a great job with what options they had. 

Ryan finished T38 and earned $2,154.17 for that finish. I didn’t do the stats so all I have is the ones from the Web.com Tour Site. 

Scores : 69-67-71-70


Next week is the Air Capital Classic in Wichita, Kansas at Crestview Country Club.

Website Information. –  http://www.aircapclassic.com

See ya out there!