We started the round at (-3) for the event. (-11) was in the clubhouse from the morning round so we knew we had to do some work. 
Ryan birdied the 2nd hole after hitting 4 iron out of a small divot to about 12 feet. The sixth hole was 71H after hitting a nice drive. Ryan hit his second shot a bit heavy and left himself some 50 feet from the flag stick. His first putt was left a 6 feet short and his second putt missed on the high side. So to walk away with bogey from that close stings a little bit. 

We layed up from the rough on the par 5 – 12th hole. His wedge shot wasn’t hit very good but still left himself about 12 ft for birdie. The putt was slick and broke quite a bit from left to right. He hit a fantastic putt the just snuck in for a birdie to get back under par for the round. 
Our 15th hole ended up being a miss judge in wind. We hit too much club that just barely went over the green just outside some high grass. He had to take a tough stance and completely guess how well it would come out. The theory is to take a big number out of play and try to make a hard par. It came out pretty good and just stayed on the fringe where he two putted. Looking back we needed less club and paid the penalty for that. 
The 18th hole can be demanding. It’s very sloped in the fairway and the green. Ryan hit a great drive but left him 232H into some wind. He hit 2 iron to about 45-50 feet. It was up and over a ridge with 6-7 feet of break from right to left. This green is very scary no matter how long the putt is because of its severe slope. He left the first putt roughy 5 feet short. Being even on the round to this point was ok because it was playing tricky all day. So when he hit his putt and went to walk it in I thought it was good. The only problem was it horse shoed out and he had to settle for a three putt bogey to end. It was tough on Ryan as he was definitely disappointed and a bit fired up. He went and practice putt for about 25 minutes by himself.
It put Ryan at (-2) for the event 9 shots out of the lead. We made the cut which fell at (-1). So we have 36 holes to make a move. We are 4 shots out of the top 15 so I think that’s a great target to shoot for starting out. We will see what happens.