Today was an interesting day. I had to think if what I saw was a first for me and I believe it was.  Ryan birdied the first hole after hitting a nice 50 yard shot to about 6-7 feet.  We plotted the next few holes and had around 20-25 feet for birdie on hole 4. The first putt raced by some 6-7 feet. The second putt missed for a three putt.

It’s tough to three putt from having wedge in the middle of the fairway.  The next hole par 3 left us about 25 feet for birdie. The first putt raced by some 5-6 feet. The second putt also missed for a second consecutive three putt.  I believe in all my years caddying I have never seen Ryan three putt back to back holes. It was shocking to watch.  

Ryan hit wedge to about 5-6 feet on the sixth hole hole and made the birdie putt to bounce right back. The 8th hole produced a 35 foot putt up the hill breaking about 4-5 feet left to right to get another back. He hit two great shots to get 70 yards away in two on the 9th hole.  We got to the course earlier today and hit about 30 70 yard wedge shots so is was such a great number. Ryan hit a great shot to around 8-10 feet. He drained the putt to make the turn in (-2). He was two under with two three putts. It was a 9 hole stretch that could have went south but went in the right direction. 

The 11th hole left us with about 20 feet down the hill for birdie. It was a very fast putt last year and the greens were getting faster. We both thought it was pretty speedy. He gave it a little too much respect and left it about 5 feet short. The next putt lipped out and he three putted for a third time today. It was definitely frustrating to be a little off with your feel. Lots of greens have so much slope it can be very hard to get a true feel of the correct speed. 

The 13th hole set up a small pitching wedge to about 10 feet above the hole. The putt was relatively flat and down the hill with some pace. Ryan hit a nice putt that went in dead center. It got us back to (-2) on the round.  Ryan had a nice two putt par on 16 where he had to putt up through the fringe from about 45 feet. The 17th hole putt Ryan in a horrible spot for his third shot. He called for a ruling because the lie in the middle of the fairway was so bad and we felt it could be some drainage.  We didn’t get a favorable ruling but none the less Ryan hit a fantastic chunked wedge from 87 yards to about 7-8 feet. His putt looked good and just lipped out of the hole. Up until the last 3-4 inches it looked dead center and just dove left at the end. These greens really have some slope the can make no putt safe. 

The 18th hole left Ryan with about a 20 yard bunker shot that was straight down a steep slope. He hit a great shot that landed some 15 feet short and ended up 10 feet directly below the hole.  It was putting back up the hill breaking a few inches and he nailed it right in the bottom.  It was a nice round of (-2) 69 even with the 3 three putts.  It leaves me with confidence we can post a low one tomorrow and have a nice finish.