I really felt we could go out and post a 65 for a nice finish to the week. The course has some great birdie holes mixed in with some tough holes so anything is possible. 

Ryan hit a nice wedge shot to about 5-6 feet on #3 and made the birdie.  I felt that would jump start something. On the 4th hole we hit it to about 15-18 feet below the hole left. The first putt was a bit firm and misread. The second putt from about 5 feet lipped out. It was very deflating to an extent because that was his 7th three putt of the week.  It’s literally handing strokes to the field at this level. It was a bit surprising. Ryan made a nice two putt par from around 45 feet on the next. 

The 6th hole is a completely resodded green.  It’s very hard to judge how hard to hit putts because the surface is so different. He had some 45-50 feet up the hill. His first putt stayed 5-6 feet short. His second putt missed the hole. It was another three putt. The 7th hole left Ryan about 18 feet just off the green on the fringe. He had to putt through an area that had some winter kill on the green. It formed a little bowl in the green.  He ran that putt 5-6 feet by and missed the come back putt.  It was another three putt even though it was just off the green. 

That basically took most wind out of the sails.  We tried to get whatever we could out of the round but came up empty. Ryan holed a chip from just off the green for birdie on the 13th. Holes 14&15 were some loose iron shots. We did however birdie hole 17. Through the first 7 rounds we played on this course this year and last Ryan has never birdied 17. Ryan had some 280 yards to the front and another 25 yards of green. He hit 3 wood being a bit downwind and it got all the way up to within 20 feet for eagle.  He two putted for birdie and had a nice up and down on 18 to close out the round. 

Ryan shot (+2) on Sunday which is always disappointing.  He was the most accurate driver on the golf ball in the field this week at (93%). He hit (80%) of his greens. His putter which was the best in the field last week was not so hot this week. It’s hard to describe why outside of I think that’s just how it goes sometimes.  Ryan had 9 three putts on the week. Lots of events he will go none, maybe 1, and rarely 2 or more.  To put 9 on the board is pretty crazy.  What’s also crazy is Ryan was (-4) through his first 4 holes of the event. Golf is just such a crazy game.  It was a strange week that still put some dollars on the board. 

Next week we go to Boise, Idaho at Hillcrest Country Club. This event is a big purse and also a birdie fest.  This cut is usually very low around 5-6 under and the winning score can be around (-24).  We have not made the cut in the two previous seasons.  I anticipate a different result. Stay tuned. 

Stats for the week :

FW – 52/56 (92.8%)

GIR – 57/72 (79.1%)

Putts – 127 (31.75/Rd)

1 – 21/72 (29.1%)

3 – 8/72 (11.1%)

Chip Ins – 2

Sand Save – 1/3 (33.3%)

Bounce Back – 2/13 (15.3%)

Up/Down – 9/15 (60%)

Eagles – 1

Birdies – 14

Par – 43

Bogies – 14

Prize Money – T63 -$1,612