Getting into the weekend on a tough golf course means you can play a good weekend and have a nice finish.  Ryan made it in and had a great Saturday round of 65.  It put him in solid striking distance if he could duplicate that performance. 

He had all pars through 4 holes which is ok on this course. The 5th is a semi drivable short par 4. It’s a 4 iron – wedge or you can try driver and scramble around the green. We said lets try driver and take our chances. He hit it on a great line but needed another 2 yards max to carry this bunker. Instead it stayed in the wall of this bunker with some grass behind it that was making it seemingly impossible to advance it far. His second shot went some 10 ft barely out. His next shot was about the same. So was his 4th. Finally his 5th left him a few feet for double bogey 6. It was a risk that didn’t pay off one bit!  I don’t look back on it as a bad decision, just a brutal break ya have to live with. 

The very next hole left Ryan in a tough spot for his 3rd shot into the par 5. He was coming out of the right rough from about 60 yards to a left pin that had to carry on this big downslope. I remember watching as he hit it thinking it looked pretty good. It was and finished less than a foot away. It was huge to bounce it right back with birdie. 

He added some nice birdies on 11&12 after hitting a great 7 iron on the par 3- 11th. The 12th hole Ryan hit a great bunker shot to a foot to kick in one more birdie. This got him under par for his round which was great after that early double.

Ryan drove it left in bunker on 18 after moving they moved the tees up. It’s a tough hole if you are out of position and need to layup because there is a dry ravine splitting the fairway. His lie was awful and he had a big lip in front of him. He was visibly not happy with the lie because of the sand behind the ball. He only advanced it maybe 30 yards which still left 263 to the hole for his third shot. He seemed to not care about anything, ripped the 3 wood head cover off, threw it to the ground and approached his 3rd shot.  I felt I was in for a treat watching what was about to happen.  I watched from the bunker as he ripped the shot.  It landed short of the green and rolled up to some 15-20 feet for birdie. It was a crazy series of event that left me shaking my head. He put a great read on it and made a wild birdie. To me that sums up how crazy a game golf is.  It was fun to watch. 

Ryan had a great weekend. His (-6) on the weekend moved him up some 40 spots on the leaderboard. It was a very positive showing after missing the cut last year and feeling this course is a pretty big track to play on. Next week we have a new venue in Salt Lake City at Thanksgiving Point Golf Club.

Stats for the week:

Fairways : 43/52

GIR : 47/72

Putts : 112

1 Putt – 31/72

3 Putt – 1/72

Chip In – 1

Sand Save % – 1/2

Bounce Back % – 2/7

Up and Downs : 19/25

Eagles – 1

Birdies – 14

Par – 49

Bogeys – 6

Double Bogeys – 1

70 – 69 – 65 – 69

Prize Money : T18 – $6,822