We started on the first hole. Ryan hit a driver and a wedge to about 5-6 feet and made the birdie putt. The second hole left Ryan about 262 yards for his second. He hit a great 2 iron that bounced up to about 7 feet. The putt broke about a cup left to right and was missed on the low side. Birdie birdie starts are always great unless ya feel like it could have been birdie eagle. But none the less (-2) though 2 holes is perfect. 

He had 7 straight pars before heading to the 10th hole. From 100 yards Ryan hit gap wedge to about 5 feet and rolled the putt in to go to (-3) for the round. The 14th hole left Ryan 45 yards for his 3rd shot on the par 5. He hit a nice chip that left him about 10 feet up the hill. He put a great read on it and ran it in to get to (-4).

The 16th hole can play a bit tough. Ryan fanned his drive right but caught the fairway.  From 191 yards Ryan hit a 5 iron that came up just short of the green but in great shape. He told me to remove the pin and calmly chipped in from about 22 feet to get to (-5) for the event. This was great to see the golf ball go in from various positions on the course. 

The 17th hole is a 223 yard shot that plays 14 yards down the hill. To me this was the last tough test of the round. We chose to hit 5 iron and Ryan hit a nice shot to around 40 feet. The putt was all uphill breaking about a foot or so left to right. As he hit it it looked very good and when it got closer it disappeared for an unlikely but great birdie!  This put Ryan at (-6) with one hole to play for his round. 

The 18th hole left Ryan with 104 yards to a very accessible pin. It was a nice full lob wedge. The problem became Ryan hit too much golf ball and bladed it over the green into an awful spot.  We had to move some TV cables and call a rules official. The ball had came to rest in a seam of sod.  Ryan ended up getting a free drop which is so huge considering the lie he had.  Most of the rough this week is thick and waxy which makes it’s hard to chip out of. Ryan’s original lie might have produced a bad chip because it was awful. We really felt without a drop bogey looked pretty good.  

The drop gave him a better lie but still no gimme on the chip. He hit an absolutely fantastic flop shot to about 5 feet. He ran that putt in thankfully and carded a bogey free (-6) – 66.  It puts him in solo second and was one of 6 guys to card a bogey free round. The course played firm in the fairways and softer on most greens.  The afternoon round tomorrow should be firmer, hot, and have some wind. So we shall see as we currently sit in solo 2nd by 3 shots.