Ryan hit a nice opening tee shot. His first putt up and over a hill left him some 7 feet for par. He made the putt which was a very strong test on the nerves early on.  He had a nice up and down on his 3rd hole from just long to keep him level par. 

The fourth hole left Ryan 265 yards in for his second shot to the par 5. He hit three wood and it ended up just over the back in ok position in the rough. Ryan’s playing competitor chipped his shot to a few feet from a yard further away behind him, so Ryan had a nice visual. He bumped a little pitching wedge and tracked it right in the center off the stick for an eagle 3!  It was beautiful to finally grab one on that hole after three years. 

The sixth hole of the day was a three footer for birdie on the par five. He hit driver three wood to just short of the green and hit a great chip up and over a trap to three feet. 

Ryan made a nice up and down to keep the momentum going into a solid par three. Ryan hit 6 iron downwind to the center of the green. He had a gentle slider from left to right from 15-18 feet that he knew was in with three feet to go for birdie. His ninth hole was very similar to the last hole in that he hit wedge to about 15 feet and made birdie to turn in (-5). 

His 11th hole was too much club that airmailed the green into some bushes and brush. The problem became it wasn’t hazard so we couldn’t use a hazard entry drop. The chip we faced could have been disaster so we chose to take an unplayable and go replay the last shot from 134 yards.  We had to walk all the way back up the fairway to rehire the shot. He hit pitching wedge this time and left himself some 15 feet for bogey. He missed the putt and had to chalk up double bogey. 

It stung and was unfortunate it wasn’t hazard because we would have had a better chance at a 5, but it’s the nature of the beast.  Ryan bounced right back on the next hole and hit a 70 yard wedge shot to 5 feet and made the birdie putt. 

Our 17th hole was a long par 3 playing about 220 yards. I felt it was a stockish three hybrid. He hit a great shot that finished some 15 feet away. He put a solid read on it and made it dead center to get back to (-5) on the round. 

Ryan flared his drive a few yards off the fairway right on his 18th hole. The pin was back right with a slope running towards it. We had enough club coming out of the rough to maybe get it somewhat back left down the ridge. His seven iron approach shot was left up on top of the hill some 45 feet away. The putt down the hill wasn’t hit hard enough and was left about 6 feet short.  His next putt missed on the high side for bogey five to end the round.  He shot (-4) 67 which is overall a solid round of golf. 

But, ending on a three putt is never what a pro wants to do.  As a matter a fact I bet it ranks near the top in things professional golfers hate doing. But it’s the reality so we need to go bounce back right away and get back on the birdie train. I’m confident we can put a solid round together in the morning wave and move up the board.