2017 has and will see some big changes in regards to some of the top players in the game of golf. What sent this ripple through the game was the closing down of Nike Golf.

Nike was a relatively small player in the club and ball sector of the golf industry so they felt financially it was worth it to give up.  This put players like Tiger Woods and Rory Mcilroy searching for other solutions for their equipment.

Tiger Woods tested out some Taylormade woods and a Bridgestone ball. The ball will for sure stay in the bag as he has signed a multi year contract.

Current world #1 Jason Day has resigned to play Taylormade clubs but will see a totally new look with head to toe Nike. He is allowed to wear a Lexus logo which is not usually something Nike allows.  Jason Day is no newcomer to wearing Nike gear. During his elite amateur days he would be seen sporting he swoosh.  He has sure had a crazy ride since the photo was taken below

Rory Mcilroy made a putter switch late last season to take down the fed ex cup title and made the statement he had three years worth of Nike balls to keep himself going.

With that in mind I find it odd to want to change those things, but if you are changing why not go all in?  It will be interesting to see what direction his game goes. There is such a fine line on the PGA Tour that having confidence in all your equipment can be the difference at the end of the week.

World #1 on the LPGA Tour made a big change in going to a new up and coming company called PXG. This company was found by Go Daddy CEO Bob Parsons and claims to be the best clubs made. Period.  PXG has signed numerous pplayers over the last year so it’s no surprise others are taking a swing. This girl is so dominant that I’m sure it won’t matter what she plays with, but for her to sign must say so something about the equipment.

Equipment is a tricky piece of the puzzle to match up at the highest level. When you are always searching for ways to get better, lots of players go towards equipment changes seeking something different. We shall see what these changes do for the worlds best players.

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