Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades California has one of the most famous holes in all of golf.  The much talked about Par 4 Tenth Hole gives every player in the field that gut check moment during their round.


The Par 4 – 10th hole from behind the tee box at Riviera Country Club – Photo by: Chris Condon

In the world of golf now a days, great golf holes come in all shapes and sizes.  Some of the best par 3’s are closer to 100 yards than they are 200 yards.  Most people hate long par fours and par fives because they only favor the longest hitters.  So when PGA Tour players get a crack at a hole like #10 at Riviera, it’s something that should grab all their attention.


(Above is the ideal layup position to approach the green)

Aside from the design of hole, the other beauty of hole #10 is the placement on the scorecard.  On the PGA Tour every player will have this hole be the starting hole for their round at least once.  Having this be an opening hole can really set the pace for the whole day.  On paper it has the appearance of a birdie hole, but also the teeth to really bite you.

Last year the pros made birdie or better 28% of the time.  They made par 56% of the time and bogie or worse 16% of the time.  It’s a hole that requires a decision on the tee box and your full attention until the ball hits the bottom of the cup.

Here is what Todd Yoshitake, Director of Golf at Riviera Country Club has to say about this great golf hole.

A view from Google Earth (below) gives you a great visual of what the hole is telling you.  The decision is to hit driver or three wood and see if it pays off or hit an iron or hybrid and leave yourself a wedge.  This hole is all about strategy and the best miss which makes it such an exciting hole to play.


Stay tuned to see who prevails this week at the Genesis Open at Riviera Country Club and who conquers this the great tenth hole.

Defending Champion : Bubba Watson


(Hole 18 at Riviera Country Club)

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The Riviera Country Club