My name is Michael Romano Jr and this is my golf blog.  My passion for golf dates back to when I was little and my dad played golf.  I never really played much until I was in my mid teens.  I always enjoyed watching golf on TV and to this day still love watching it.

My favorite place to play is at Cog Hill Golf & Country Club in Chicago, Illinois.

Check out their webpage below.




I’ve played golf on a recreational level for around 15 years and most recently caddied professionally on the Tour for four years.  It was a great experience over the four years and I gained a deep appreciation for how seriously good professional golfers are at this game.

The reason behind the Chase is that everyone on the golf course is chasing something other than a golf ball.  Some people are chasing that next PGA Tour Victory while some are chasing that sub 90 round or their first birdie.

Hope you enjoy!

Michael Romano Jr.